Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently able to start service the same day. We begin by sending a Registered Nurse to provide an assessment of the patient’s needs.

Firstat serves all of San Diego County.

Yes. They are not only licensed and bonded, they are employees of Firstat.

We have C.N.A.’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) who are similar to caregivers except they are licensed and can legally give patients hands-on care.

We do not have live-ins, but we can provide 24/7 hour care.

We do not have live-ins, but we can provide 24/7 hour care.

Firstat Nursing Services offers flexible payment  options. Home care services are paid by the client directly,  Long Term Care Insurance Plan or Workers Compensation Insurance.

Firstat provides CNA, LVN and RN nurses.  Definitions below:

C.N.A. is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has successfully completed a State Certified Nursing Assistant program. They are licensed to perform vital sign monitoring, medication reminders, ambulating, personal hygiene, feeding, dressing, and physical transfer; in addition to other activities of daily living.

L.V.N. is a Licensed Vocational Nurse with a current valid state license.  They have the technical knowledge to perform nursing duties and patient care. They provide prescribed medical treatments such as injections, wound care, catheter care, set up and administer medication in addition to personal care.

R.N. is a Registered Nurse with a current valid state license.  They perform frequent patient evaluations which include monitoring, performing procedures, administering IV medications, assessments and implementing the nursing care plan provided by the physician.