How Taste Sensitivity Affects Senior Citizens - In Home Care Rancho Santa Fe

Our ability to taste is one of the most pleasurable senses we have and even though the ability to taste as we once did may decline as we age, most of the time there isn't a huge change and we should be able to enjoy foods as we age as much or more than before. Taste sensitivity helps us enjoy our food and drink and helps us determine if food is good or bad for us.

Aging and Your Sense of Smell - In Home Care Rancho Bernardo

As we age, we may experience some problems that affect the body and mind, including a change in our sensory perceptions. Our sense of smell may affect how we eat, enjoy food and drink and also affect the type of nutrients we put in our bodies. Depending on how severe the loss of smell is, it could actually be dangerous if it means we don’t smell hazardous chemicals, gas leaks and smoke.

In Home Care La Jolla - Is Healthy Aging Possible?

As you grow older, you may begin to wonder is healthy aging possible?  No matter how hard you try, some things about your body are going to change over time.  But you can make lifestyle choices that give you the best possible life in your senior years.

The best time to make good choice for healthy aging is when you’re young.  The choices you make beginning in your teenage years can have a big impact on how well you age.  For example, choosing to smoke while young can have lasting consequences on your health as you age.

In Home Care Del Mar - Aging and Memory Loss Prevention

As you get older, concerns about aging and memory loss can be troubling.  You may have seen friends and loved ones experience this problem and you’ve seen how painful it can be.  There are some forms of memory loss that are mild while others can be severe.

While you may initially be concerned about memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease, there are actually many causes of memory loss that are not related to it.  If you have serious memory loss problems occurring, it’s important to discuss this with your healthcare provider.

In Home Care Poway - Facts About Cataracts that You Need to KnowIn Home Care Poway - Facts About Cataracts that You Need to Know

One of the main reasons that people develop cataracts is the aging process, but they can also occur if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, smoke, drink too much alcohol, have a family history of cataracts and numerous other medical problems. The first symptom of cataracts is usually that your vision is hampered by “cloudy” lens. Cataracts develop slowly and usually don’t impair your vision until later on.

Home Nursing El Cajon - Symptoms and Tests for Alzheimer's Disease

Every senior citizen and their close family members should know what the symptoms are for Alzheimer ’s Disease. The disease itself is devastating to the victim and his family and the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the quicker that medications can be prescribed to slow the onslaught and buy more quality time with the person afflicted with the disease.

Firstat Nursing Services San Diego - The Challenges of Mobility Loss

The buzz words for senior citizens today are “active aging.” Active aging means that we remain active and strong in our later years to prevent the loss of mobility. Loss of mobility in seniors can drastically change their lifestyles and some might never recover. But, a daily health plan that includes healthy diet and exercises designed to keep joints moving and the mind sharp can help us stay mobile far into our senior years. How’s that for an incentive?

Home Health Care Chula Vista - Keeping Your Memory Safe from Aging

The effects that aging has on the brain and memory, in particular, are caused by inconsistencies about how the brain stores information and processes it for recall. And, brain cells need some of the hormones and chemicals that begin to slow down or disappear as you age.

Home Health Care La Jolla - Aging Gracefully – With Exercise

There are many reasons that senior citizens should exercise on a regular basis, but the main one is that it helps to increase your overall health and ward off life-threatening diseases – especially those associated with aging. Simply put – exercising helps us age more gracefully.


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