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In Home Care Poway - Facts About Cataracts that You Need to KnowIn Home Care Poway - Facts About Cataracts that You Need to Know

One of the main reasons that people develop cataracts is the aging process, but they can also occur if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, smoke, drink too much alcohol, have a family history of cataracts and numerous other medical problems. The first symptom of cataracts is usually that your vision is hampered by “cloudy” lens. Cataracts develop slowly and usually don’t impair your vision until later on.

Home Nursing El Cajon - Symptoms and Tests for Alzheimer's Disease

Every senior citizen and their close family members should know what the symptoms are for Alzheimer ’s Disease. The disease itself is devastating to the victim and his family and the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the quicker that medications can be prescribed to slow the onslaught and buy more quality time with the person afflicted with the disease.

Firstat Nursing Services San Diego - The Challenges of Mobility Loss

The buzz words for senior citizens today are “active aging.” Active aging means that we remain active and strong in our later years to prevent the loss of mobility. Loss of mobility in seniors can drastically change their lifestyles and some might never recover. But, a daily health plan that includes healthy diet and exercises designed to keep joints moving and the mind sharp can help us stay mobile far into our senior years. How’s that for an incentive?

Home Health Care Rancho Santa Fe - Are You a Member of the Sandwich Generation?

Being a caretaker to children is a big responsibility. It can be stressful at times and that stress can show up in your body physically. Add being a caretaker to an elderly parent that stress compounds.

Thanks to the longevity of the elder generation, more adult children are choosing to step in and become part of the sandwich generation. Some do it out of a sense of duty - having been raised to believe it’s their responsibility to care for their aged parent.

Home Health Care San Diego – San Diego Home Health - Eating Right and Aging

As you age, food choices become important daily decisions that may affect the quality of the rest of your life. Home Health Care San Diego seniors need fewer calories, and everything you eat should be based on weight gain and the nutrients that can maintain or boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Too much added weight and not enough vitamins and minerals can cause untold health problems.

San Diego Home Health Agencies - Caring For an Aging Spouse

How Home Nursing Can Help Improve the Lives of Each Other
Caring for an aging spouse is often a difficult and time consuming activity. From morning until evening-and often throughout the night- aging loved ones need assistance. In many cases, demanding schedules overwhelm even the most agile caregiver, creating stress and making life at home miserable for all involved.  Luckily, home nursing care provides a helping hand- someone to assist with knowledgeable, caring help- the perfect solution for a spouse in need of rest, relaxation and quality time with the one they love. 

Home Nursing Point Loma, Home Nursing Ocean Beach, Home Nursing Pacific Beach CA Call 619-220-7600

Home Nursing Point Loma, Home Nursing Ocean Beach, Home Nursing Pacific Beach CA Call 619-220-7600If you are looking for Home Nursing Point Loma, Home Nursing Ocean Beach, or Home Nursing Pacific Beach, then you've come to the right place. Before selecting Home Nursing, Home Care or a Home Health agency in San Diego, CA.

Home Health Agency San Diego - National Caregiver Month recognizes and supports those helping care for loved ones

(ARA) - There are more than 65 million caregivers who are an essential part of a patient's health care team in the United States. They not only provide emotional strength and support but also often help a patient with their daily needs, such as filling prescriptions or helping schedule doctors' appointments. But while being a caregiver to someone in need can be a significant help, it can also be a daunting responsibility. Greg Stephens, Founder and Director of the National CML Society, can relate.


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