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Providing around the clock care for an aging or sick loved one is demanding. With few breaks, even the most committed families experience stress and tension. Asking for help is a smart way to ensure time spent with a loved one is healthy and productive. Here are three ways in home skilled nursing services can ease caregiver stress.

A Well Deserved Break
Stepping away, even for just a few hours creates time to re-energize a tired, weary body and mind. With stress under control, dealing with challenging situations is easier. Professional skilled nurses offer flexibility and on-demand services, making it easier than ever to schedule time each and every day for a much needed break.

Medical Assistance
To an untrained caregiver, administering medications at the right time and in the right doses can be complicated, creating stress and anxiety. An in home nurse with trained expertise relieves anxiety, taking over the critical role of medical expert, whether it’s dressing wounds or organizing medications.

Problem Solving
Often, while there are simple solutions to existing problems, overwhelmed families have a hard time recognizing how to address specific needs. Bringing in someone new offers a fresh approach to problem solving that can reduce stress. Plus, seniors who feel their needs are being met experience improved self-esteem for happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

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