Home Care Agency El Cajon Shares Seniors Independence Tips

Firstat Nursing Services, an El Cajon Home Care Agency supports National Senior Independence Month in February. "Families are learning now that the longer they can help their senior loved ones remain independent, the more emotionally and physically healthy they will be,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services.

Here are three ways senior citizens can maintain their independence.

Stay Active - Healthy exercises like stretching and age-appropriate strength training help seniors maintain their lifestyle longer. Along with their doctor, a senior citizen can rely on their home care specialist to develop a personalized exercise plan, while enjoying some outdoor activities such as walking when physically possible.

Get Rid of the Mess - Clutter accumulates easily in any home, but it can create even more issues for senior citizens. An overly cluttered home can create emotional stress. Clutter in a room can also make it more difficult to navigate, and even dangerous in some situations. A health care professional can help organize treasured items, determining which items are no longer necessary.

Create Accessibility - Getting out of the house is one of the most important ways to avoid depression. Being able to get out and enjoy the fresh air, as well as run errands like shopping or getting to the doctor means having proper access in and out of the home. A home care assistant can help make sure seasonal needs are met by having snow and ice cleared by a professional regularly.

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